Disposable bag for vomiting and urine



The product represents a polybag with scale and carton cone and built-in polyethylene valve. The construction do not permit outflow of liquids and circulation of unpleasant smells after use even if you drop it on the floor. The carton cone is specially designed and can be closed tightly as additional guarantee against outflow. It is packed in a paper envelope with instructions for use on 4 languages. Use of disposable bags „Vomix” give you possibility for a comfortable, clean and safe trip by bus, by air-plain, boat and other transportation. The package is very compact and saves place for storage.

Size: 19 х 14 см. Packaging: 25 pcs in 1 polypack, 52 polypacks (1300 pcs.) in 1 carton, 20 cartons on a pallet.

Produced according EN 1789.

For use in hospitals, ambulances, air-lines, buses, cars and others.

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