About us

Aichhorn & Co GMBH, based in Vienna, has been operating on the Bulgarian market since 1979. In 2000, we created Aichhorn & Co EOOD to expand our participation in public procurement and tenders for the delivery of disposable medical devices.

As a representative and subcontractor of French companies specializing in the production of consumables  Aichhorn & Co EOOD acquired experience and 7 years ago organized its own production of disposable sterile dressing and special kits. We have our own distribution network for the realization of our production.

Aichhorn & Co EOOD produces disposable sterile dressing kits containing plastic or metal instruments and consumables such as tampons and compresses with application in postoperative surgery, emergency care, hemodialysis, outpatient and other wound care.

Disposable kits are used:

- in hospitals

- in outpatients

- in emergency centers

- in the polyclinic units

- with the GP

- in the emergency cars

- at the field of military conflict and natural disasters


Disposable sterile kits have 5 years shelf life.

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